Annie Graham Artist


2018 Pop-up Gallery - Tunbridge Wells

2018 Silver Sheep - Tunbridge Wells

2019 Different Gallery - London

Current Greeenfinch Gallery - Ticehurst

Current - Online Gallery

Current ArtSpring - Tonbridge

Most of my career was spent as an Art Director in advertising agencies in London.

Before that I went to art collage where I studied graphic design. I loved working in advertising.

I thought it was a dream career - such fun!

I come from an arty background. My Father painted very successfully in Suffolk where he was

also principle of Lowestoft Art College. My mother studied fashion and was constantly creative.

Both my daughters went to art college too. So I have passed it down!

So I’ve only been painting for a few years. I went to New York and got really inspired by the visual

urban images. I took loads of photographs and came back and painted! A couple of paintings in

and I realised what I wanted my style to look like. My style is graphic, neat, ordered and considered

rather than haphazard.

I get very excited when I see an image that would make a painting! All of my paintings are inspired

by photographs I have taken both in the UK and abroad. It could be a scene or landscape, the angles

and shadows of a building, colours and shapes, engineered or organic.

I just love a blue sky! My paintings usually include either a pale blue English sky or a ultramarine or

process blue which are very Mediterranean.

I work in acrylics on board. Very occasionly on canvas.

Limited edition prints available. Commissions undertaken.

email: [email protected]

instagram: anniegrahamartist

07970 936 982